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Marlo Thomas explained she was sick of TV shows with the typical family set up; a working father, a mother as a housewife, and two children at home.

In 1967, Switzer was a college student at Syracuse University.

Nel 2154 una compagnia interplanetaria terrestre del Kansas, la RDA, è da alcuni anni all'opera su Pandora, luna del gigante gassoso Polifemo, appartenente al sistema stellare Alfa Centauri.

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Lo stesso Cameron, in quanto forte sostenitore del 3D come futuro del cinema, ha dichiarato che si avrebbe un'esperienza più completa guardando Avatar in tre dimensioni, poiché il film è stato da lui appositamente pensato per essere visto in quel modo.Lesser known women, such as Maria Pepe, who was instrumental in establishing the right of girls to play Little League Baseball, are also featured.In 1966, Thomas began playing the character of Ann Marie in the ABC series That Girl, the first American sitcom to portray a single woman pursuing a career who didn't live with her parents or depend on her husband.The second part takes place in the 1970s ("Changing the World"), and covers the sexual revolution and abortion debate.The third and last part of the film ("Charting a New Course") ends in the 1980s and 1990s, and discusses issues facing women in the workforce, violence against women, the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination and sexual harassment.