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The leading male actor, You Geon, in Sweet Enemy Korean Drama is not complimenting or supporting the success of this drama.... Yoo Geon..my opinion, is a very weak leading actor, in fact, I do not think he is a good actor at all. All character in the drama are weak except for one. I seen Yi Ran in so many evil roles that she is capable of killing. She had Mr Kim stalking Dal Nim & silly girl walks around without noticing anything. The three villains mother, son & daughter are so vicious I hope they have a painful death in the end. JW was a very nice character in this drama and I am glad he got the girl in the end.The development of SH in this drama was not very good and there was zero development of romance between SH and DN.Drama should have ended within 100 episodes -- the extension is what has made this the worst Korean drama of all time for me - and I have seen more than 300 dramas and movies in my lifetime. i thought it was 120 episodes so i was going to be put out of my misery this week.... If such can happened then it shows the weakness in Korean security. Seems to be the same with all daily dramas, I think the writers lack creativity or new ideas except riveting to the same old format of all Kdramas. I just realized how much time I wasted because of this. It's almost about to end but the progress is still slooooow and boring. And please let us know who's going to end up with dal nim coz its still kinda confusing to think its about to end. Still show no signs of SN & family gradually punish by Kor law. I have started watching anything else to not watch this crap. Tell the world that South Koreans are naive, stupid, scheming and downright dirty. They don't have to do much- just show South Korean dumbasses stupid TV shows like Sh*t Enemy and take over the southern part of the country without a single shot being fired! For a very slow and boring movie, 120 episodes is a torture. Older drama like All about Eve can set the standard of what we call a good Korean drama.

It's so scary that security so weak and out of control. There are minor irritations but over all one of the better ones I've seen.

I am hoping a love between dal nim and so ho, i feel the thrill and more lovei dovei scenes for them. I only watched the first two episodes, but it seems to be exactly like "Heaven's Promise" with my girl Lee Yu Ri, except not as infuriating or interesting.

Please writer a sweet and kiss love scene , they are right to each other.. This is a prime example of NOT to do when creating a credible television show. Sun-ho and his family really stupid how can u all trust Sena and her omma. Sena is the one should be in jail who murded Jae Hee not Dal Min. I should watch a few more episodes before I decide, but 120 episode dramas take a lot out of me, and this just didn't start off well enough for me to contemplate sacrificing that.

I feel that my time was stolen from me -- grand larceny - by this writer and the producers of this drama -- they should be banned from writing or producing anything else. DN to stop acting so innocently and lovable by all. Writer is having hard time to focas what he/she wants. not sure why..the characters and what they did are not real. What a waste of good film stock that could be used to make several good movies with good scriptwriting. Looking at just one episode of this trash TV show, I think they really, really need it. A four-year-old child in the West can be smarter than this!

If you don't have a story to tell -- then don't tell it. Wonder if this depicts the real Korean style of management and efficiency of the police force. Both of these qualities do not show through her facial expression. The recycling of events as seen in previous Kdramas began. Can someone really get away with everything just by making some crap excuses? Only left 10 episode, still cannot tell SN us going to pair who. If the director is going to continue to prolong the story, I will quit watching as it is a waste of time and not real. If this is an indication of current quality of KDramas (KD) being churned out, I will definitely moved to Japanese and Thai dramas. The vocation level in South Korean universities is questionable at this point. What do the Korean team behind this sh*tty TV show hope to achieve?