Rules of dating korean movie trailer

But I keep watching it until it reaches the CLIMAX THAT IS IN EPISODE 13 which turns out the core story of this drama.

So please watch it at least until the 13th episode and you will understand that the core of this drama is the "TRAGIC LOVE STORY" which is very painful.

He is just saaaad or wondering about everything, not really funny in meant-to-be funny scenes. I personally hate her character - so annoying and childish, and she is really imposing herself on Goblin like : OOO, I LOVE YOU, OOO WHEN WE WILL MARRY, OOOO HOW MANY KIDS WE WILL HAVE" and things like that = it all makes me cringe all the time.

I can't imagine what would this drama become if it was casted by someone else. Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are big screen movie artists so they have no problem in small screen.

Kim Shin does not know why, but he can hear her voice and appears in front of her against his will.

Coincidentally, Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper at the same house.

And for eun tak, come one she is just a student ofc she will act like eps 1/2 she ask him to married he not bcs of love but bcs of he is rich,since she is poor...

They are destiny together but goblin love her when he first met eun tak which is when she go back home from school....