Men dating women advice

For years, my single friends and I consoled one another after breakups or blow-offs by employing reductive reasoning, repeating a misinformed, yet token girl power refrain: "He's probably just intimidated by you -- you're strong, smart and successful -- and that scares him." In the twenty-first century, women have come a long way.

In fact, we're beginning to surpass men in many areas: We have more master's and college degrees, better GPAs and single, childless women have higher earnings than their male counterparts in urban areas.

It seems to me there's a growing number of strong, proud women who defiantly proclaim they don't need men for much; they may want them in their lives, but they don't them, when push comes to shove. Does that sentiment or mentality create an element of frustration among men?

Joshua Pompey: I think the resentment builds specifically towards women who, in your words, "defiantly proclaim they don't need men." It is one thing to not need a man.

An impressive goal doesn't have to fit the mold of a woman aspiring to work her way to the top of a law firm. As long as women meet these minimal requirements, everything else mainly comes down to attraction.At the end of the day, men are still providers at heart.Whether we are providing emotionally or financially, men still have an inherent need to feel needed and appreciated.It is a whole different matter to defiantly as if you don't need men.Not being reliant on a man is a positive movement for women in today's society.