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Hard to imagine him that way – as capable as he is.” But in a post on March 22, she referred to Assange as simply a “dear friend.” “Mr Assange and I, have become very dear friends over time.That’s all I’m really comfortable saying…,” she said.Anderson donned a tight black turtleneck and a matching pencil skirt for the occasion.Anderson’s frequent visits to the embassy over the past year — at least six in the past seven months — has caused a flurry of speculation that they’re a couple.

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Is Pamela Anderson dating Wiki Leaks editor in chief Julian Assange?

The actress, 49, was spotted leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after visiting the controversial Wiki Leaks mastermind on Thursday.

I am concerned.” She continued: “He is the strongest person I know-but, living as he is, is very unhealthy, demeaning and inhumane.

Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. to face espionage charges in relation to Wiki Leaks.

Dating website for country people